Suzy Vitello







“Suzy Vitello always wrote incredible characters, injecting them with deep veins of carefully-observed humanism, and with FAULTLAND she adds ‘prophet’ to her list of skills. This book is prescient, gripping, darkly funny, and above all, written for this moment in time—imbued with the kind of thoughtfulness and hope we need to light the way forward.” ~Rob Hart, author of THE WAREHOUSE

“Suzy Vitello writes like the sweet, smart, sassy person I aspire to be. Her stories are full of mystery and longing and the endless and varied complexities of ten thousand kinds of love. She’s never written a page that didn’t make me ache for another one. Her work is sheer must-gobble-it-up.”Cheryl Strayed, author of WILD and TINY, BEAUTIFUL THINGS

“THE KEEPSAKE is a beautiful reminder that strong, intelligent young women working together to control their own destinies are not to be underestimated.”Jennifer Longo, author of UP TO THIS POINTE

What I love most about reading Suzy’s stories is that I feel like I am inside the world of her characters so deeply that I start talking aloud to them. They are my friends, my sisters, my mother, my lovers, my husbands and ex-husbands and daughters and sons. I could stay inside her stories and not come out.” – Lidia Yuknavitch, author and celebrated literary goddess

I can not recommend The Empress Chronicles more enthusiastically. It’s by the great Suzy Vitello, who is responsible for the best bits of all my books.“- Thriller Writer Chelsea Cain

THE EMPRESS CHRONICLES is about teen girls, but it’s also about what it’s like for all of us to navigate our family circumstances and discover what and whom we love.” – Teri Carter,  columnist for the Washington Post