TYPEWRITER.BLOGGood afternoon boys and girls! Thanks for checking out the new digs. I’m thinking I’ll have a house-warming party. What do you think? Good idea? What sort of activities can we plan?

How about “first sentence of the day”? Post it in the comments below, and I’ll select my fave and send you an autographed copy of my Victorian Porn novella (written under my oh-so-spicy nom de plume).

And …. go.


  1. Somewhere, out in the world, Bobby Dylan was trying to drag his tired bones out of bed, Davy Bowie was pouring low-fat milk onto his porridge, and Lenny Cohen was trying to force out a shit that simply would not be evicted … evacuated, ejected, expelled … Whatever, he decided, It’s big, it’s solid, and it matters, but no one else, ironically, gives a proverbial shit — a little like Beautiful Losers.

    1. Suzy

      Now that’s a freakin’ sentence, Harry!
      P.S. I just figured out how to configure nesting comments. Lordy. And – thanks for the note about my Editing Services page. Think I fixed it!

  2. Suzy

    So, the website will be converted soon – from “newsite” to just regular suzy vitello. Hopefully, nothing will go awry. But if it does, at least I know how to rebuild!

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